Thursday, March 7, 2013

BrewDog - Paradox Macallan (2008)

Bottle Conditioned, Special Batch 011
Imperial Stout aged in a former 1987 Macallan Sherry Cask 

Scottish Malt Whiskey Casks rock! 

Their ruggedly robust beauty, character, captivating aromas, and unique Scottish heritage had us completely spellbound.  This edition sees our Imperial Stout aged for several months in specially selected Speyside whiskey casks.  This maturation process results in the whiskey flavors and aromas being infused deep into our beer. 

Made in Scotland, Paradox combines BrewDog’s craft brewed beer with the finest malt whiskey casks. 

To release the true character, complexity, and depth of flavors in the beer, please enjoy it at room temperature, unless you live in an igloo.”

The ABV is 10.0 and the IBU rating is ??
Style - Imperial Stout
Glass to use- Pint Glass, Snifter, Oversized Wine Glass
Delivery - 330ml

Can be cellared for long periods, under the proper conditions.

The Pour - Pours a solid black color with no head. No lacing.
Aroma - Malts, scotch, chocolate, coffee and some vanilla bean.
Taste -  Malty, dark chocolate and a slight bitter after taste.
Mouth Feel - Low carbonation.  Full body.  Smooth.
Overall - Aged extremely well, a well balanced 5 year old brew.  Very good, not what I was expecting. I do not detect any barrel aging other than the Scotch and vanilla bean aromas. 

This beer may pair well with cheese and grilled or smoked meats.

This beer gets a Duper rating of A.
BeerAdvocate Rating = 89
Ratebeer Rating = 98