Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dark Horse - Plead the 5th

It’s big and full bodied with lots of roasted malts and balanced with heavy hops to put this imperial in a league of its own.

The ABV is 11.0 and the IBU rating is ??
Style - Imperial Stout
Glass to use - Pint, Snifter, Gobbet or Chalice
Delivery - 12oz Bottle

Can be cellared for long periods, under the proper conditions.

The Pour - Pours a solid black color with a dark tan head. Good lacing.
Aroma - Nutty, coffee, cocoa and malts.
Taste - Sweet, chocolate, coffee, malty and a slight bitter after taste.
Mouth Feel - Medium carbonation and Fall body with a smooth finish and a nice warm alcohol burn.
Drinkable - I purchased a 4-pack in April with the intention of aging at least two bottles.  Bit it was sooo good I used the fourth bottle for this review. I'll need to find another 4-pack!

This beer pair well with cheese, desserts, mostly chocolates.

This beer gets a Duper rating of A
BeerAdvocate Rating = 96
Ratebeer Rating = 100