Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heavy Seas - The Big DIPA

Big DIPA - Uncharted Waters

When Heavy Seas decided to resurrect their Big DIPA, they knew that they needed to make it bigger and better. They’ve brought the beer back with the same 10.5%ABV as before, the same massive amounts of hops as before, but this time, they’ve aged it on oak spirals. Oak spirals suspended in solution allow more surface area to come into contact with the beer increasing the oak presence without increasing exposure time. This results in a smoother oak flavor and further compliments the extraordinary hop characteristics. Cheers!

The ABV is 10.5 and the IBU rating is 75.5
Style - Oaked Double IPA
Glass to use - Snifter, Gobbet or Chalice (Oh sin I had it in a Pint glass)
Delivery - 22oz Bottle

Can be cellared for long periods, under the proper conditions.

The Pour - Pours an amber color with a white head. Little lacing.
Aroma - Hoppy and grassy, spices and a hint of oak.
Taste - A floral hoppiness,some maltiness and a hint of oak.
Mouth Feel - Medium carbonation and full body.
Drinkable - I like it, a Double IPA with just a hint of oaking.  The alcohol is slightly hidden but you can tell it has a kick.  For all of the hops you get out of the nose and taste there is no harsh bitter after taste.  Which is why I like so much. 

This beer pair well with sharp and pungent cheese, grilled meats (BBQ).

This beer gets a Duper rating of A-
BeerAdvocate Rating = 84
Ratebeer Rating = 95